A Recipe for Rye Bread

 The more I make bread, the more i'm convinced of the importance of the kitchen being within the best position within the house. once we designed and built our house, i used to be determined that the kitchen should have a view and get on the front of the house. Now that it©s six-fifteen of a summer morning and I©m up early, kneading bread, because we©ve run out again, I©m especially happy to be searching over a sun-soaked landscape to the distant mountains. whenever you create bread you©re guaranteed an honest ten minutes of contemplation as you knead it, the mechanical rhythmic activity frees the mind to wander or switch off©very therapeutic. Having a view thrown in also is simply another bonus. I haven©t always made bread. it's a relatively recent development. Making jam was the primary breakthrough into self-sufficiency, then came the day when our local supplier of bread , who made a loaf that (miracle of miracles), all the youngsters would eat, decided to modify recipes an